Are You Concerned About Your Child’s Reading?  I Can Help.

eandeHi.  My name is Emily Boles. I’m a certified special education teacher and, for over 10 years, I’ve worked with parents to help their children overcome struggles with reading.I spent years teaching in schools, but I decided to start my own business (Framework Learning) so I could help more struggling readers catch up, one student at a time.  Since then I’ve helped dozens of students—and their families—overcome those reading problems and chart a new course for success.  It’s not just their reading that improves, either.  That’s because, by working one-on-one with kids, I’m able to help them become better learners overall.

Here’s What I Do To Help.

Every child is different, so I don’t rely on a one-size-fits-all prescription—but I do use proven, research-tested methods that work.  One way I reach kids is with multi-sensory learning—eyes, ears, hands, movement.  It’s been shown to be effective for even the most challenging dyslexia and reading difficulties.  I customize each learning session to build on the previous one, with plenty of time for repetition, practice, and mastery.  That feeling of mastery translates to success and confidence, and it all just snowballs from there!

All of my instruction is built on a foundation that’s just as important—my whole-hearted belief that no child needs to be rewired or changed in order to be successful.  Every child has the potential to learn, to improve, and to succeed.  My approach is so much more than tutoring.  Tutoring only addresses the surface problems a child might be having in reading—it’s often a cookie-cutter approach.  It doesn’t get to the root of the problem, which might be much more complicated—and much more critical to figure out.  Tutoring might help a child survive reading, but my academic therapy approach will empower your child to thrive…in reading and beyond.

Every Child Needs A Foundation Of Success.

My approach is all about building skills and confidence—this leads to better reading, and it also has the added bonus of translating well into other subjects.  Plus, a confident child is one who will be willing to participate in class, will try harder things, and won’t give up when things get challenging.  I think we can all agree that those are the kinds of skills that serve us all well, and they’re all part of my whole-child approach. Here are just a couple examples of how my approach has helped other kids (and their parents)…

“Julia’s reading was barely on grade level…Within a month of starting with Emily, Julia’s reading issue with decoding was barely noticeable and she could read more books with ease and, for that matter, started to love to read!” -mom of Julia, age 6 and in first grade.  (Julia is now earning A’s in advanced reading and language arts classes in junior high)

“Preston went from barely maintaining letter and sound recognition to full recognition within a matter of months…He has made great strides and enjoys reading non-fiction books…This could not have been accomplished without Emily’s warm and nurturing support with all of his efforts.”-mom of Preston, age 7

I’m Here To Help Answer Your Questions.

I’m an educator by profession and I have the credentials to show for it—but more than that, I’m a mom. I understand that watching your child struggle at anything is difficult.  I also know that, as a parent, you should trust your gut when something feels “off.” Your child may not be years behind in reading, but if you have an inkling that something is wrong, now is the right time to get them the best help possible.

If you’re wondering whether the signs you’re seeing are normal or an indication of a bigger problem, please give me a call. While I run a business, I started it to help bring children and their parents some relief. That’s why my initial consultations have always been free—I’m always happy to talk.

We’ll discuss the signs you’ve seen that make you concerned and maybe even your fears about what they’re facing. I’ll help you understand whether what you’re seeing is the sign of a reading problem—and, if it is, we can talk about potential solutions.

Here’s my direct number: 208-890-0008
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